The Fiasco that was Subic!

This will be my 3rd Full Marathon within a year’s time. Dubbed as the most prestigious International Marathon in the country attended by runners from all walks of life both local and international. It will be first time to run a Full Marathon at sundown. I was expecting my Personal Record to be improved from the last Marathon i ran last July 2009 at the Milo Marathon National Elimination in Manila. We flew in a day before the race and billeted at the Venezia Hotel inside the Subic Bay Freeport Zone.The race course started in Floridablanca Toll Plaza in Pampanga. The starting gun fired off at exactly 4:30PM with an estimated 1000 runners hitting the pavement of the SCTEX ( Subic Clark Tarlac Expressway). The euphoria was very high at the start while runners saw the sunset in the horizon on the right side of the highway. The organizers made sure that the northbound lane of the expressway is closed exclusively for the runners. Other Cebuano runners that joined me in the race are my fellow team members from the CERC (Cebu Executive Runners Club) whom i can say are my fellow Asphalt Eaters! There were a lot of challenges during the race like running alone in the dark, some water stations have less supply of water, there were no kilometer markings and most of all no Aid Stations. Nevertheless i finished very strong at 4:55, me Personal Best (PR) so far. My average speed according to my GARMIN GPS watch was 6.75 minutes per kilometer. I remembered my speed on the last 5 kilometers was at 5.85 minutes per kilometer, i felt my heart was a bout to explode while every stride i made has a corresponding deep breathing, i sort of sounded like DARTH VADER breathing. While legs are hurting i can somewhat control pain mentally more satisfying is when you can hear the loud screams of cheer upon entering the Remy Field Oval Track where the Finish Line is located. 200 meters to the finish line on the rubber track, i gave all my best sprinted to my heart’s content knowing that the AGONY OF THE FEET is about to end. It’s true when they say, ” PAIN IS INEVITABLE, SUFFERING IS OPTIONAL!”. Crossing the Finish line is a relief when greeted by your loved ones and friends, holding their medals and certificates of finish. We always look forward for an after race meal of Steak and Rootbeer Float! Another page in running has past as we leave for Manila and off for a flight in Cebu the next day. Recovery Phase is always good but i consider running and fitness as a way of life, so i went back running after a week. Getting ready for the next Full Marathon in 4 months time….the CONDURA 42k MARATHON on February 2010 in Manila.


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